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Oasis Publication has been established to provide high-quality reading materials to students, teachers, and general readers. As part of our support for innovative teaching and learning around the world, we publish well-researched and carefully prepared school and college textbooks, reference materials, and other books. We are committed to continually enhancing the content of our publications to meet the ever-changing and diverse educational needs of our readers.

We make a concerted effort to provide readers with flawless learning materials. We publish books by well-known and accomplished authors who rely on their research, experience, and expertise. Our publications are reviewed and meticulously edited by experts in their fields to ensure that they follow the quality standards. We also ensure that our books are attractive in design and the print quality is up to the mark.

We appreciate your input because we believe that constructive criticism can help us improve our publications.

Finally, we value your trust in us and hope that it will continue in the days ahead.

Thank you

Surendra Karki
Managing Director