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Authors : Jayananda Kapadi


  • Based on the latest syllabus prescribed by the CDC with some additional texts
  • Objectives of each chapter are given at the beginning of the unit to let the teachers and learners go forth in a focussed manner
  • ‘For the Teacher’ is given at the beginning of the unit to assist teachers in the teaching learning process [for Junior Classes]
  • Integrated ‘Science, Health and Physical Education’ and multicolour editions
  • Presents a systematic and logical development of concepts from ‘Simple to Complex’
  • Lucid language and ‘Easy to Read’ with a ‘comprehensive text’ to build up a sound base of science
  • Clear and self-explanatory diagrams and a pointwise summary of the important concepts
  • Activities and experiments to develop scientifi skills and exhaustive exercises to test the knowledge and understanding of the concepts taught/learnt